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If interested in Bailey,

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We need to re-home our dog BAILEY. When we first got her we were able to spend more time with her but recently I changed jobs and no one is home all day with her anymore. She is an active dog and doesn’t get exercised enough because of the new work schedule. Also we don’t know why but around 6 months old she started showing signs of being fearful and anxious. I think she might have started being that way because we didn’t expose her to enough stuff when she was a young puppy. We talked to our vet and have tried to help her overcome those issues but my family is not skilled enough nor do we have enough time to dedicate to really help her try and get over these issue. Bailey is a very smart and loving dog. However she will need to go to someone who is experienced in dealing with a dog that has anxiety and nervousness. She does NOT have separation anxiety she just gets anxious and nervous when confronted with loud noises, new things in her environment and new people.  She will need someone who can work with her on these issues. We would like to see her go to an active home so she can get the exercise she deserves.  Bailey has a lot of potential and will make a great pet she just needs to be with someone who can spend more time with her then she is getting now and exercise her more.  

Bailey is a female Border collie mix. Mom was a Queensland heeler and Border collie mix. Dad is a full Golden retriever. Bailey was born October 12, 2017. So she is a little over 1 year old. She definitely resembles a Border collie and golden retriever though.  She weighs 49 pounds.  I’m pretty sure she is done growing so she is a medium sized dog. Bailey knows verbal commands such as sit, lay down, high five, crate, and go get your toy. She has been crate trained since we got her at 12 weeks. She crates at night to sleep and during the day when we are gone.  She is very comfortable in the crate. She is also fully potty trained. She is a very fast learner and learns new commands very quickly. She has grown up with a cat so she is very comfortable around cats. She is ok with dogs but they need to be smaller than her. She gets very nervous and sometimes scared around dogs bigger than her. So it might be better if she is the only dog in the house.  Bailey LOVES to swim! She is pretty good at agility courses. When we would take her to the dog park they had the agility course there and she would do it very eagerly. She loves to run.  She will play fetch for a little while but swimming and running are her passion. She likes to go on walks but needs leash training. Bailey is microchipped, spayed, heartworm negative, and up to date on her vaccinations.  If interested in Bailey, please contact Jennifer:  Email Jennifer.axtell@yahoo.com / Cell# (925) 642-5966.

Meet Bailey!

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