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If interested in Baxter,  
please call Brian at
(925) 984-3609 and/or email briandgoldberg@gmail.com

I adopted Baxter at 6 months old and have lived with him, my wife, and our cat Lucy ever since. Baxter shows incredible patience in the face of my work-intensive lifestyle. He spends his afternoon's lounging outside or inside, ready for stimulation whenever I have time. My family is now heading to Iceland and, after significant research, have determined we can't take Baxter. We need to find him a new loving home! He has stayed with friends in the past and adjusts quite quickly. He values companionship from most dogs and humans.  

Baxter is an intelligent and loving 5 year old Border-Collie Lab. He truly enjoys to play with sticks and balls by the river, in at backyard, or at a dog park. 15 minutes of playtime in the late afternoon and he is content to lounge in the house all evening. However, if you can offer him a dog friend or 30 - 60 minutes of playtime a day, he will be incredibly well behaved. Baxter typically listens well but unusual situations or leashes with other dogs around give him anxiety. He just needs love and a little stimulation and he will show incredible loyalty! 

Contact me, Brian, at briandgoldberg@gmail.com or (925) 984-3609 if you are interested in learning more about Baxter.  Thank you for your time and interest. 

Baxter has been rehomed!!

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