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Parker is a Border Collie Rescue of Northern California (our sister rescue) alumni. He was rescued from a Northern California shelter after a very rough start in life; he required surgery for a broken pelvis and had severe allergies to bug/bee stings. He was adopted by a wonderful family almost a year ago. They reached out today to inform us Parker has started suffering from seizures.

Parker has been in and out of emergency and is prepping for more tests. He seems to be stable now, but has some hefty vet bills. There is fund started to help Parker and his family. If you would like to donate please visit http://www.gofundme.com/b6wyq8.

Pollyanna adopted March 14!  Congrats to
Miss. P. and new owners alike

Pollyanna’s Story

Pollyanna is a two to three year old female border collie hit by a car. A good Samaritan picked her up and brought her to a nearby veterinary clinic. NCBCRA took her into our loving arms and through a series of volunteer transports Pollyanna made her way to the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

Preliminary diagnosis indicated a spiral fracture of her right rear femur for which surgery was arranged. Upon further observation it was learned Pollyanna sustained more severe injuries, including a second break of her tibia, a torn cruciate ligament and other ligament damage. The Hospital advised surgery for this damage was challenging with uncertainty she would regain full use her leg. The difficult decision was made to amputate the leg which would enable Pollyanna to heal much faster, with less pain and be mobile in a shorter period of time. We did not take this decision lightly but felt it was in Pollyanna's best interest to proceed this way. Our experience is dogs ably recover from amputation, are lovingly received into their forever homes and go on to lead fulfilled lives.

Pollyanna Video

Border Collies in Need

All too often dogs with special medical needs come to Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions. All to often the reason is a traumatic injury, such as a car accident. Other times a dog may need expensive heartworm treatment or sometimes a genetic condition may need attention. While we are often blessed with a veterinarian facility that reduces their fees to treat the animal, there are still typically additional surgical fees, follow-up exams and medications needed to fully treat the dog. These costs readily outpace the monies we receive from dog adoptions and we rely upon donations from our border collie friends and family to meet these needs.

Following are stories of dogs we have aided in their injury or illness. Some are in recovery and some have gone on to live productive lives, providing true companionship to the people who have adopted them.

Item . . . 6 year old Sierra was given the all clear from her vet after her heartworm treatment and rest period and turned around and got herself adopted right away!   

NCBCRA Medical Report

April 2015

Parker is such a good boy and is much loved by his new family. If you are inclined to help them out, it would be much appreciated. Additional photos will be in the comments section if interested. Thank you for considering donating and for sharing Parker’s story.

Item . . . 4 year old Bea followed suit and has gotten herself adopted as well! Congrats to both girls and a special thanks to their foster mom Jean Roberts for taking care of these lasses while they recuperated from their heartworm treatment and crate rest.

Adopted! Adopted!