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Serving the greater Sacramento valley and Sierra Nevada foothills

Introducing BO (aka: Mr. Bo Jangles). This handsome border collie is five years old and still very much the puppy. He has classic markings on a red & white coat that is medium short and easy to groom. He weighs a lean 42 pounds. His foster Mom is just in awe of what a great dog he is! BO has adapted very well in the short time he has been in his foster home. He is a very happy-go-lucky boy. He is calm inside but loves to be near you so he will follow you around. He does know most of the basic commands but will benefit from additional training to know what is expected of him. He rides well in the car and willingly goes into his crate at night to sleep quietly until morning. He would love to sleep on the bed with us but his foster brothers are very protective of this space!  

BO came from a ranch in northern California where he was an active dog working with cattle. We don’t think BO has a burning desire to herd cattle anymore, but he does need activity to occupy his time, mind and energy. He is very, very fast and has a ton of energy. We are not sure if he was also a house pet but because he has a very thick undercoat, and some “sun-kissed” fur, we think he could have been an outside only dog. Regardless, BO has quickly adapted to being an indoor dog. He seems to instinctively display good manners when in the house. When he first came to us he did a little territorial marking, but that quickly passed. Otherwise he seems to be housebroken in his foster home.  

BO is very obedient and responds quickly to commands so a harsh tone of voice is not needed. You can tell from his body language that he is trying very hard to understand what you are saying. With a few hand gestures and words he will do almost anything you ask of him. He loves to cuddle but is always ready for a romp outdoors. He enjoys long walks/hikes and does well on leash but additional training is necessary for a 100% recall when off leash (in safe areas only). With patience and training, we think BO would excel at any of the many dog sports such as, agility, flyball or perhaps a water sport, like “Splash Dogs,” since he really loves the water! When foster Mom waters the garden he jumps high with joy to catch the spray. He will also take a dive in the fish pond, much to foster Mom’s dismay!

Ideally, we would like to see BO placed in a home with a large fenced yard and a companion of similar energy level that will actively play with him. He thrives on affection and praise and is very food/treat motivated. All in all, Bo is a great dog who now deserves a wonderful life in a forever home with that special person!  If you think you might be that person who can meet BO’s needs, then he is ready to meet you.

BO is micro-chipped, neutered, heart worm negative and on preventative, and up to date on vaccinations. If you have an approved Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions Application and wish to enquire about BO please email us at If you have an approved adoption application with Border Collie Rescue of Northern California let us know and we will request it be forwarded to us for consideration. BO is being fostered in Nevada City  in Nevada County, California.

Bo • Male •  5 years • Adopted!

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