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Chicory: a beautiful dog needs a new home

We have a very smart, sweet and active female McNab / Border Collie named Chicory who needs a new home. She is almost four years old and has been with us since she was a puppy. She is spayed, chipped and in great health. She is very well trained, fiercely loyal and obedient to humans.

She loves to go on car rides, walks, and hikes, chase balls and be busy. She is full of energy and needs to feel productive and contribute. She goes everywhere I go (camping, fishing, etc.) and we never have issues with her straying or getting distracted. She stays home by herself and can roam our property without any issue. Chicory is very protective of humans and even loves cats but has a jealous streak against other dogs, which is why we have to find another environment for her. We have other dogs coming and going around our home and it stresses her out to deal with them…on occasion, that stress is exhibited by her lashing out. The smaller the dog, the more likely she will get aggressive towards them.

Ideally, Chicory should be in a single-dog environment. She should have an owner who needs a working dog on a farm or ranch where she can keep very busy. And while we love her so much, we have realized that we simply can’t give her the balance of freedom and structure that will allow her to thrive without incidents.

Please call 408.710.3475 or Email kevin.weinberg61@gmail.com

If interested in Chicory, Please call Kevin at (408) 710-3475 or email


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