Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the welfare of the border collie
Serving the greater Sacramento valley and Sierra Nevada foothills

Earl is an 8 year old Border Collie. He is up to date on vaccinations (current rabies cert), current on heart worm preventative and neutered. He is very friendly with ALL people, young/old, male/female. Safe around cats and poultry (has lived in a yard where chickens and geese roamed free and never bothered them). He is not a loud dog. He rarely barks, and only at predators when he does. He is trained to an electronic boundary and house trained. He is very sweet and attentive. Gets along with most other dogs. No health issues. He has a medium coat, that is easy to care for. He weighs ~ 60 lbs. His activity level is Med/low for a Border Collie.  The only thing he doesn't like is our Livestock Guardian Dog. 

Earl is located in Sutter Creek CA. Contact Angela at or cell # 805-260-9907.

Meet Earl!  If interested in Earl, please contact Angela at 805-260-9907 or shorthornqueen@yahoocom

If interested in Max, please contact Ken at

Mellow Max is a 3 - 4 year old Border Collie mix that we adopted from Stanislaus County Animal Shelter. His personality is very sweet, loving and gentle. He is very smart and loves to play ball and loves other dogs. Adopted seven months ago, Mellow Max is neutered and we have our adoption papers and proof of vaccines. We love him dearly and he loves our family - but he is trying to "herd" our neighbors and in our community (with no fences) he is not able to stay. We live in the mountains. Max is about 70 lbs, he is very loyal and somewhat shy. He needs a fenced yard. Or he needs to live in the country where he can run around and work.  He would be a great companion for a single person and a great protector. We love him and don't want him to go. 

Contact Ken at

Meet Max!


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There are a variety of reasons for someone to relinquish their dog. Often it is because of a change in life circumstance beyond their control. We understand the difficult decision these owners face and appreciate the effort they are making to find a suitable home for their dog. One advantage of obtaining a dog directly from its owner is much, if not all, of the dog’s history may be known. Dogs are presented on this web page as a service and courtesy to their owners, but are not being made available for adoption through NCBCRA. We have not met these dogs and our understanding of them is limited to the information provided by their owner. No fee has been required of owners to place their dogs on this web page though some owners may have provided a voluntary donation. To enquire about a dog on this page, please contact the owner directly.    

If you have a border collie in need of new home we would be happy to place their picture and a description on this page. Or, we may be able to take him or her into rescue. For more information for either consideration please review this link, Is Your Border Collie Looking for a New Home?  Please note, for either posting to this webpage or being placed into rescue, dogs are required to be spayed or neutered.