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There are a variety of reasons for someone to relinquish their dog. Often it is because of a change in life circumstance beyond their control. We understand the difficult decision these owners face and appreciate the effort they are making to find a suitable home for their dog. One advantage of obtaining a dog directly from its owner is much, if not all, of the dog’s history may be known. Dogs are presented on this web page as a service and courtesy to their owners, but are not being made available for adoption through NCBCRA. We have not met these dogs and our understanding of them is limited to the information provided by their owner. No fee has been required of owners to place their dogs on this web page though some owners may have provided a voluntary donation. To enquire about a dog on this page, please contact the owner directly.    

If you have a border collie in need of new home we would be happy to place their picture and a description on this page. Or, we may be able to take him or her into rescue. For more information for either consideration please review this link, Is Your Border Collie Looking for a New Home?  Please note, for either posting to this webpage or being placed into rescue, dogs are required to be spayed or neutered.

Lassen is a lovable dog with a great disposition. He was rescued from a shelter last year so his earlier days are a bit of a mystery. He is approximately 10-12 months old and weighs 70+ lbs. Lassen is a border collie/Pyrenees mix. From what we can tell he has the body of a Great Pyrenees and the coloring and temperament of a collie. Lassen loves to play fetch and is a great companion on walks but could use some improvement on his leash training. We live close to a lake and even on winter days he has been known to wade in for a swim. His favorite toys are a big red ball to chase and a tough rope to chew on. He has picked up training relatively well and knows come, sit, lay, and drops his ball on command for fetch. 

We are having to re-home Lassen in part due to what we have learned are his herding tendencies. He has not demonstrated any outright aggression, ferociousness or territorial behaviors. However, he has asserted himself over our 3 year old in an aggressive playful way (we aren’t sure how to accurately describe it but that is our best try). He can get really wound up and then interacts with him by running at him over and over, jumping over bushes, and one time, pulling him by the arm.  It is not ferocious but can be aggressive. He has at times knocked our son down because he doesn't realize how big his body is. This has made our son really uncomfortable with being alone with Lassen so we have made the decision to re-home him. Since these incidents with our son we have had less time to be with Lassen and this has made him bored and he has chewed some irrigation tubing and other things in the yard. We think he would do great with older kids or with a place with more space to run and be active. 

Contact info:

(859) 200-1105


If interested in Lassen, please contact Anna at
or call (859) 200-1105 or (626)376-5195

Meet Lassen!