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There are a variety of reasons for someone to relinquish their dog. Often it is because of a change in life circumstance beyond their control. We understand the difficult decision these owners face and appreciate the effort they are making to find a suitable home for their dog. One advantage of obtaining a dog directly from its owner is much, if not all, of the dog’s history may be known. Dogs are presented on this web page as a service and courtesy to their owners, but are not being made available for adoption through NCBCRA. We have not met these dogs and our understanding of them is limited to the information provided by their owner. No fee has been required of owners to place their dogs on this web page though some owners may have provided a voluntary donation. To enquire about a dog on this page, please contact the owner directly.    

Due to limited resources, we are unable to accept owner surrender dogs into rescue at this time. Click or tap on this link to review the exceptional information on re-homing your dog offered by the San Francisco based American Pit Bull Terrier rescue, If you have a border collie in need of new home we would be happy to place their photos and a description on these web pages. Please email us at for additional information. Please note, Owner posted dogs are required to be spayed or neutered.

If interested in Metta, please contact Elaine at

Metta needs a job to do! This Border Collie/Great Pyrenees mix is a loving companion dog but deserves an owner with working dog experience who can appreciate his intelligence and protectiveness while managing his herding behavior. Where he would be in his element: Keeping an eye on your chickens, or goats, or flock of emus!, or just multiple acres, during the day, perhaps with a more experienced purpose-trained dog if there are animals involved; curling up on your teenage kid's bed at night. Or with a serious dog person interested in doing lots of training and agility etc. Where he's not so happy: Trying to alert his current owner to the threat posed by delivery people and other condo residents, and not being appreciated for it! Or in the front hall, loose with house guests or visitors moving around and refusing to stay in one place. (He may nip in this situation, which in a 65-pound dog isn't cute!)

Motivated current owner seeks a less urban situation where Metta's genetic inclinations (3/8 Border Collie, 3/8 livestock guardian, 1/8 Shepherd) would be put to use, but his essential companion-dog nature (he's a super-devoted love bug) would be appreciated. A couple or family would be best, with more time to give him attention than a single person has. (Unless you're a dog person with lots of time and inclination to do agility or other activities...) Older children likely to be better than younger children, old enough to understand that Border Collie herding and nipping tendencies need to be managed. (He shouldn't be loose in the front hall when visitors or house guests are arriving or moving around.)

Metta is smart (he's been going to Canine Circus School and soaks it up) and protective, with that intense Border Collie desire to please. He cares how you're feeling and what you want. He's easy to exercise (great off-leash and on-leash after intensive training, and ball-interested but not ball-obsessed), but deserves a way to have mental and physical stimulation built into his day apart from just walks.

He's good at night and settles down until the neighborhood wakes up in the morning. He LOVES to swim. He's surprisingly good with cats-- he must have had them in his first home. (He takes offense at the ones that saunter continually across our property, but is interested and respectful up close.)

In sum, an incredible dog for an experienced working-dog owner with a family and something to watch over, an owner ready to put smarts and guardian/alert tendencies to use while keeping him out of situations (e.g. the front hall with visitors at the door!) where those tendencies aren't wanted. Plus enough people around to absorb a lot of love! For more information, please contact Elaine at  
Metta is living in Berkeley.

Meet Metta!!