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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the welfare of the border collie
Serving the greater Sacramento valley and Sierra Nevada foothills


Dear Border Collie Enthusiast:  If you know of a border collie at a shelter which you feel could be helped with a posting on this webpage, please check with the shelter to enquire if they would like us to post the dog here as well. The request however must come from the shelter. Our just being informed of a dog in need is insufficient. Please take it upon yourself to enquire with the shelter. As a 100% volunteer organization we do not have the personnel to follow-up in this manner with the abundance of dogs in shelters, nor can we simply copy a shelters listing for this webpage without their authorization.  

The following postings of dogs available for adoption supplement the postings of the listing shelter or rescue organization. If you are interested in adopting one of the these dogs, please contact the shelter or rescue directly. These dogs have not been evaluated by Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions. We try and keep up on the availability status of these dogs, but not being of our rescue we rely on the listing organization to inform us if a dog has been adopted. If you contact the shelter/rescue and find a dog has been adopted, please let us know so we may remove the dog’s posting and keep this page as current as feasible. Thank you.

If interested in Spirit, please contact “Its a Dog’s Life Rescue” at

Super sweet youngster SPIRIT is a gentle boy who loves his people. He was on his own for 5 months and is so happy to be with a family again. He is in foster care in the Eureka area. Spirit is a young adult (1-3 years), neutered, current on all vax and microchipped…we think an Aussie-Border Collie mix.  A great ‘medium’ size, he weighs around 40 pounds. Tricolored with one blue eye, he has a thick, shorter luxurious coat. He is a bit cautious around new people and situations but he warms up quickly.  He gets along great with the other dog in his foster home. He adores gentle children.  He has been in foster care a few weeks. Spirit will be a perfect dog for a family!  He wants to be close and be part of the activities, whether going on walks, playing or just hanging around. He loves to be with respectful, gentle children.  He has also discovered the joys of cuddling! Spirit loves to play with toys.


While he was on his own in Redcrest (Southern Humboldt Co), he had lots of friends who wanted to get him to safety or take him home, but he eluded all means of capture until he fell for a live trap and was taken into the safety of the County shelter here. One of those friends was a man who worked in the area and he and his daughter kept trying to catch him. He would run along with the little girl while she rode her bike. He would nearly allow himself to be touched, but, at the last minute, would slink away. He stayed around the area most of the time; he was happy to have some contact with humans and to be fed. His life took a wonderful turn when he left the shelter and he wound up in foster care with this same family!  The little girl had named him Spirit; we think it’s a perfect name for him!  He trusts her implicitly and enjoys the family’s adults as well. He quickly began to acclimate to their home and he’s turned out to be a perfect house-guest and companion. Alas, his foster family is not able to adopt him. But, they intend that he will have a fabulous forever home and so do we! Please email us at for more information or an adoption application.  

Meet Spirit!

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Spirit has been re-homed! Please visit the Homepage to start your search for available dogs. Thank you!