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Polly (known also as Pollyanna back in her rescue days) was a special girl for NCBCRA. She had been involved in a car accident which resulted in extensive damage to her right rear leg. You can read more about Polly and see additional photos & a video here. Polly was adopted by new owners Shelley and Tom in March of this year. Shelley recently emailed Polly’s foster mom, Linda, with this update:

Polly has settled in like a champ. Tom and I are over the top in love with this girl! She seems as happy as we are. I take her for walks every day, sometimes twice. She knows the difference between my walking clothes and my work clothes. When I start to put on my work clothes, she goes into a bit of a funk; but when I get my walking clothes on, she jumps up and is chatty with excitement!

Her favorite pastime out at the farm is chasing rabbits. She hasn't caught one yet and I'm not sure what she'd do if she did catch one. But she yip, yip, yips after them at top speed. My walking partners and I are amazed how fast and agile she is! When I go to work, Tom comes and gets her and she spends the day with him, riding in the truck (in the cab, of course), checking fields, doing office work, etc.

Thank you for the great care and love you gave Polly during her foster time with you. She is the best dog we've ever had, and that's saying A LOT! We both decided we will never get a puppy again, only a rescue. As I write, she's stretched out on the couch across from me - that is, until daddy gets home, at which time she'll jump down before he gets in the house. Thank goodness for noisy garage doors! Thank you again, we are so grateful .

Update on Polly


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SAMSON is a tri-colored, approximately 9 month old boy who weighs 25 pounds. Because of his dietary needs and a digestive condition, he is classified as a special needs pup, but don’t tell SAMSON, as he sure doesn’t know it! SAMSON is full of life and energy and enjoys spending time with people and other dogs. He likes to play fetch and is very vocal when he is hungry and when he needs to go outside. He is a cute little guy who made the mistake of eating his collar when he was a baby, requiring removal of most of his small intestine. Click here to read more about Samson and see additional photos.


Introducing Samson!!!

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