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KIBBLE is a handsome, super sweet 2-½ year old black & white border collie, weighing about 50 lbs. He has a short, thick, and soft coat with prick ears. KIBBLE is as happy as he is handsome. He is eager to please, and though he has the brains of a border collie, he is lower on the energy scale. KIBBLE loves snuggling and is content to curl up in a comfy chair and hang out.  KIBBLE likes everyone, kids and adults alike. He’s so charming, he even has friends who regularly stop to pet him when he’s out on neighborhood walks.  

We don’t know much about KIBLLE’s background. It seems he may have some herding experience; however, KIBBLE is a differently-abled boy so he isn’t a candidate for herding, being a running partner, or other highly physical activities. He would be a great fit however for someone who loves the border collie mind but is unable to provide the high activity level that most border collies require. He’ll still need to have plenty of attention and activities to keep his mind busy, but not too much physical activity. Frequent walks and some backyard ball play would be perfect for KIBBLE. We can share more on his physical limitations with seriously interested persons.    

KIBBLE is learning basic commands and he’s ready to learn more. He is motivated by treats and praise, so he’ll catch on quickly.  KIBBLE walks well on a leash and loves to play with toys. He gets along well with the resident border collie, though he doesn’t actually play with her. He will react to other dogs when he’s on leash if the other dog shows aggression toward him, but he’s learning to “ignore”. We think KIBBLE would do well either as an only dog or with another dog friend.  Like many border collies, KIBBLE will chase cats, so he needs a home without a cat in the family. KIBBLE will bark if he’s crated in a room away while his people are in another part of the house, but otherwise, he is not a barker. He isn’t destructive, although if he doesn’t have toys, you may find him carrying around a shoe or a sock.

Being eager to please, he corrects easily with a gentle “no”. KIBBLE would do best in a home where he had a lot of time with his person, has plenty of mental activity and moderate physical activity. He likes all people, so busy households are no problem as long as he can be part of the happenings. KIBBLE loves car rides and loads up well. He is housebroken, crate trained, and sleeps well in his crate at night.      

KIBBLE is micro-chipped, neutered, heart worm negative and on preventative, and up to date on vaccinations. If you have an approved Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoption Application and wish to enquire about KIBBLE, please email us at If you have an approved adoption application with Border Collie Rescue of Northern California let us know and we will request it be forwarded to us for consideration. KIBBLE is being fostered north of Sacramento, California.

Kibble• Male • 2-½ years • Adopted!

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