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If interested in Kris, please call Sherry at (530) 743-5262

and/or email carlsonfarm@yahoo.com

Kris is a 5 yr old registered Border Collie. She is medium size and has a beautifully soft slick coat. She has had a litter of pups and was spayed in 2017. Kris began her training as a working dog for a flock of sheep but due to owner health issues, she has not been worked on sheep for over a year, the flock is gone and she is ready for a pet home. Not having stock to work does not seem to bother her. As with most BCs, she will play fetch with you for as long as you are willing to participate. She loves a ball, stick or frisbee, your choice. She travels very well in or out of a crate, is quiet indoors in a crate or outside in a kennel. Given the opportunity she will sleep in your bedroom doorway as if standing guard.

Kris pays no attention to chickens and ducks, even though she was once encouraged to round them up - they seem invisible to her. She does not live with cats but when around them seems only mildly curious. She has been well-socialized and has played ball with many children, gets along with other dogs, is calm in public places and has never shown aggression. She is in excellent health, has good hips, fully immunized and is on monthly heartworm maintenance. She has never shown any separation anxiety issues nor does she have any food guarding problems – anyone can take anything out of her mouth.

Kris has an unusually keen sense of smell and I’ve spent a little time teaching her ‘find it’ by hiding various items in fields. She learns dog tricks more quickly than others I’ve had and is eager to learn new things, cocking her head to listen intently, eager to understand your meaning. She is a lovely, well-balanced dog who will be a devoted companion for someone who appreciates a dog with an inquiring mind.  If interested in Kris please call Sherry Carlson at 530-743-5262 or email carlsonfarm@yahoo.com

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