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Linus • Male • 4 years

Let us introduce you to LINUS, a male Border Collie/Australian Shepard, approximately 4 years old, with a tri-color, smooth coat, weighing 48 lb. LINUS is a recovering Camp fire survivor and looking for that happy forever home. He is a bit shy and reserved with new people while learning what the world is like again. His foster pack mates have rejuvenated his play genes where he now romps with them in the backyard; plays tug with a rope and chase each other. Immense joy comes from chasing birds and squirrels, rolling in the grass, sniffing, pouncing in the dirt and kicking up dust, exploring bugs & big lizards. LINUS loves his belly rubs and affection. He has learned ‘stay’ has its rewards and ‘come’ comes with affection. Playing catch with a ball or treats is still new to LINUS but he does seem interested in learning how.

LINUS has been in his primary foster home for about four months and has had several successful play dates with a second foster family. In both foster homes with fenced in yards, LINUS has adjusted well and learned to feel safe and confident. Both foster families (which include other dogs) are working with LINUS in the outside world to build his trust and confidence through meeting new family members and trusted neighbors, with walks around the neighborhood, and in parks and at large retail stores (Lowe's and Petsmart). LINUS is cautious of new situations and will initially look to his foster parents or pack mates for cues on how to respond. Though each outing is like a totally new experience for him, LINUS seems to look forward to them.

LINUS does very well on a leash (often paired with a foster mate) with casual walks when distractions are low. He loads, unloads and rides well in a vehicle on short trips.  LINUS enjoys the occasional nap on the dog bed or couch or Foster Mom’s bed.  LINUS is very content to crash on the dog bed when winding down. LINUS responds most favorably if the dog bed is where he can see what is happening and where he can be a part of the family. The dog crate and dog bed are secure areas for LINUS. LINUS will also respect a baby gate if needed to be restricted to an area. Currently, loud noises in the house, like the vacuum, or abruptly getting up from a recliner, will send LINUS to his kennel or outside. But LINUS seems to be comfortable (from a distance) with the lawn mower and power tools or yard tools with handles. The Fourth of July fireworks did not seem to bother LINUS inside resting on the couch or his dog bed.  Only an occasional bark was uttered as he joined his foster pack mates in on alerting something was going on outside.

LINUS learns quickly from his pack. When they bark, he will go to them and bark at whatever got their attention. By himself LINUS is often quiet and content to just watch out the front door (until the mailman comes), or to lay in the back yard and watch the squirrels and birds. LINUS retires to his crate each evening where he sleeps quietly through the night. LINUS wants to be outside first thing in the morning to take care of business and maybe a quick chase around the yard. He has learned to vocalize (talk, it’s not really a bark), to remind you when it's time to eat, when he wants to go back outside, or just wants to play and or get a treat.

LINUS needs a warm, trusting family, to build a bonding relationship. Without a pack to learn from (regardless of size) more one-on-one time will be necessary from his forever person(s) to stimulate LINUS' mind and burn off energy, such as outdoor activities and games. LINUS will be an outstanding addition if he is given the opportunity to spend lots of time with his forever person(s). Take small steps and secure each step with a positive response before you move on to the next. Slowly introduce LINUS to his new home and family members, then to his new playmates. Start with walks in quiet places, snuggles on the sofa, hand feed him his meals, and give him daily massages. LINUS will start looking at you for reassurance. Gradually work LINUS into more distracting situations to build on his outside world socialization. With this approach we are confident LINUS will fast become a loyal and forever best friend.

LINUS is micro-chipped, neutered, heart worm negative and on preventative, and up to date on vaccinations. If you have an approved Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions Application and wish to enquire about LINUS please email us at If you have an approved adoption application with Border Collie Rescue of Northern California let us know and we will request it be forwarded to us for consideration. LINUS is being fostered in Rancho Cordova in Sacramento County, California.