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Lucy • Female • 3 years •  Adopted!  Please return to
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Meet LUCY! LUCY is a soft, rather sensitive girl that is looking for a very special home. We are looking for a more rural lifestyle for LUCY, with active owners that have a big yard to play in. She will be more suited to outdoorsy people that like to hike and camp, versus a city environment that would likely cause her anxiety. A handler with calm, confident energy is going to be the best situation for LUCY, one that is  already experienced with the more sensitive type border collies. Your efforts will be greatly rewarded, as she has proved to be a total sweetheart once she is accustomed to her new home.

LUCY is 3 years old, so she doesn't come with a lot of the puppy behaviors that can sometimes pose a challenge. She loves toys, chew things, and balls.  An absolute delight to foster, LUCY is a big time cuddler, made even sweeter by her small stature.  She has a lovely silky coat, and her tri color coat sets her apart, particularly with those little brown spots over her expressive eyes.  LUCY leans in to her foster mom for petting and likes to be close enough to be first in line to get as much love as possible.

Outside, LUCY is active and plays happily with her foster brothers. We don't leave her out in the yard left to her own devices for very long, because, in typical border collie form, if you don't give her something to do, she'll find something to do herself. LUCY is a high energy dog, and as such, we take her out for walks as frequently as we can. While she isn't great on a leash yet, she shows a lot of potential to be a nice walking, jogging, or hiking partner, and is picking up her leash manners quickly. She has been fine on walks alone or with another dog. LUCY is curious about the world around her and enjoys a little longer leash so that she can approach things to investigate. One thing that makes exercise even more fun is the fact that LUCY lives for a good game of fetch! She will bring back a ball just as many times as you want to throw it, and you'd better believe that you'll tire out long before LUCY does!

LUCY does have a few issues leftover from her previous situation regarding her introductions to strangers. She does not like to meet strangers in a confined environment, such as a small room, vehicle, or anywhere that she feels cornered, and she will go on the defensive if strangers go near her crate under this type of pressure. To her, the crate is her safe zone, where she can go and hide out safely and decompress if she's uncomfortable or feeling trapped, and we allow her this space. While LUCY was pretty nervous her first day here, it only took a day before she began greeting us with tail wags and happy dog grins, especially when she knows its dinner time! She just really needs someone to be patient with her and be considerate of her sensitivities, instead of putting pressure on her to move faster than she's ready. 

LUCY hasn't had any accidents in her foster home, and is already crate trained. She sleeps quietly in her crate all night until it's time to go potty in the morning, and she is accustomed to eating her meals in her crate, just for the sake of keeping all the dogs separate at meal time. LUCY also crates just fine if we need to be gone for a few hours during the day, and goes in on her own accord without any coaxing.  (Although she definitely loves getting a treat for her willingness.) 

LUCY will need to go to a cat-free home, she's been tested with cats at her foster home, and she is just too intent on them to be able to cohabitate with them peacefully without putting the kitties at risk. Another dog friend or two won’t be a problem, but homes with cats will not be considered for LUCY'S adoption. Given LUCY'S sensitivity to her environment, her need for routine, and the herding nature of the breed, homes with small children will not be considered for LUCY.  While some border collies do great in family homes, LUCY is more the type that needs either one owner, or a couple that doesn't have a lot of traffic through the house, and an owner that will be able to spend ample time with her, ensuring that she receives the level of activity she needs to be the best dog she can possibly be.  

LUCY is micro-chipped, spayed, heart worm negative and on preventative, and up to date on vaccinations. If you have an approved Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions Application and wish to enquire about LUCY please email us at If you have an approved adoption application with Border Collie Rescue of Northern California let us know and we will request it be forwarded to us for consideration. LUCY is being fostered in Colusa in Colusa County, California.