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Here comes MILES, 40 pounds of affection and classic BC markings! MILES is about 4 years old, has a tri-color shiny coat, and stand-up prick ears. MILES likes to be with you, cuddling into your lap and asking for pets, or napping with some part of his body touching you. Be sure to check out his YouTube video.

MILES has been an excellent houseguest at his foster home. He has not had any accidents indoors, gets along with other dogs and sleeps all night in his crate. We have observed a high interest in the house cat so he may have too much exuberance for a cat buddy. With several practice sessions completed, he is learning to ride calmly in the car. He has a fairly good ‘sit’ response, and needs gentle work on the leash as new environments are scary for him (he lays down). That said, he is a curious dog and will get up with kind encouragement to sniff and explore. MILES was a darling at the veterinary hospital, snuggling into the vet techs as they conducted their tests and updated his vaccinations. He is very smart and learns quickly.

MILES shows ‘high BC behavior’ such as herding, excitement barking, air snapping during play, pushing the ball with his nose, and bumping his head into your hand or arm to let you know he adores  you and really wants to be your friend!. These classic BC traits suggest his new family will need to be experienced with BCs and use training methods that use positive reinforcement only. MILES came to rescue with a tendency to circle (a calming behavior that can become compulsive) when he feels stressed. He was evaluated by Susan at Animal Minds ( and the outlook was good. Susan felt he may do better as an only dog in his forever home due to observed affection jealousy behavior. We’re happy to have Susan conduct a consultation or training with you, and we’ll share the methods that we have starting implementing in foster care to start teaching MILES how to settle without circling.  

MILES is micro-chipped, neutered, heart worm negative and on preventative, and up to date on vaccinations. If you have an approved Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoption Application and wish to enquire about MILES, please email us at If you have an approved adoption application with Border Collie Rescue of Northern California let us know and we will request it be forwarded to us for consideration. MILES is being fostered in Granite Bay in Placer County, California.

Miles • Male • 4 years • Adopted!

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