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Morwenna • Female •  5 years  • Currently unavailable for adoption.

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MORWENNA is a gorgeous 5-year old lass who's owners unfortunately had to move and could no longer keep her. She’s a classically marked black & white border collie with a soft medium length coat. She has a bounce in her step and an overall love for play and exploration. She’s generally with plenty of energy, but relaxes nicely at the end of good play day to join us for an evening movie. Our girl isn't food or toy aggressive with her pack mates and loves to chomp on a Kong or deer antler while stretched out on the floor or curled up on a doggie pillow. She has acclimated easily into her new surroundings and one of her favorite places is curled up tight on the couch next to her foster mom.

MORWENNA is affectionate and loves to have those ears scratched (an all over petting/massage is most welcome too!) She walks on leash nicely, knows 'sit' and will 'work for food'. She is smart, cheerful and loving, She is a bit of digger though and readily helped foster dad dig out a rotted stump. She looked quite pleased with herself for her contribution. For fun she would kick up small rocks between her legs then turn tail and then chase after them! In this same light, MORWENNA has shown us that she's a good ball player and loves running around the yard with her foster siblings kicking up leaves and playing keep away with the tennis ball! She is a bit too keen on PuckleCat and is apt to chase her so a home without felines (or at least dog savvy ones) is probably in order.  

MORWENNA will make someone a great companion dog and BDF (Best Dog Friend). She may alarm bark to alert us someone has arrived, but calls off readily. The neighbors across the street are putting in a new concrete driveway and she has taken the commotion in stride, sometimes looking over their way to inspect the work, but generally ignoring the activity. She appears to be housebroken having had no accidents in the house and she crates easily overnight. Our lovely MORWENNA is ready for her forever home and family. She has carefully packed her rucksack and placed it next to the door so she can snag it in a hurry as she runs to meet you when you come to greet your new friend.

MORWENNA is micro-chipped, spayed, heart worm negative and on preventative, and up to date on vaccinations. If you have an approved Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions Application and wish to enquire about MORWENNA please email us at If you have an approved adoption application with Border Collie Rescue of Northern California let us know and we will request it be forwarded to us for consideration. MORWENNA is being fostered in Auburn in Placer County, California.