Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the welfare of the border collie
Serving the greater Sacramento valley and Sierra Nevada foothills

Nellie • Female • 4-5 years • Adopted • To continue your search for
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NELLIE is a young red and white Border Collie female. She has a beautiful silky coat and enjoys frequent brushing and lots of ear scratches and pats. She has patterns of red throughout her mostly white coat; and an adoring gaze from deep and thoughtful eyes. Mostly this girl enjoys hanging out with her special person(s); whatever you are up to she wants to be nearby but she is also happy to nap if you are working. She will also wait and rest patiently alone in her crate when necessary and has never had an accident in the house.

NELLIE is not a big barker; she doesn’t even seem to mind when the UPS man delivers a package and rings the doorbell. Visitors have been noticed without fanfare from NELLIE. She only barks quietly if she thinks you have forgotten about her or her dinner! Not much is known about her background but her foster reports she can be nervous in situations that involve a lot of people; she has certainly had some sort of bad experience that has left her shy and wary. Tall people especially seem to intimidate her, and she also seems more comfortable with women.

NELLIE loves a walk, but always wants to retreat when passing a large group of people! At about 40 lbs. she is easily controlled but it is clear she is expecting the worst when a stranger (human or canine) approaches! Once you have gained her trust and she is in an environment where she feels welcome and secure NELLIE is a lovely and loving dog. Her favorite words are “Good Dog!”, they make her wiggle all over. She has a big heart and lots of love to give; but would do best with a small circle of special people. She gets along well with cats (as long as they don’t run—that is just irresistible and she will playfully chase!), but she does want to dominate other dogs.

If you have room in your heart, a quiet household and time to devote to her NELLIE would be a delightful, loyal and loving companion for you!

NELLIE is micro-chipped, spayed, heart worm negative and on heartworm & flea/tick monthly preventative, and up to date on vaccinations. If you have an approved Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions Application and wish to enquire about NELLIE please email us at If you have an approved adoption application with Border Collie Rescue of Northern California let us know and we will request it be forwarded to us for consideration. NELLIE is being fostered in Elk Grove in Sacramento County, California.