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If interested In Nikki,

Please call Joyce at
775) 722-9877

We need to re-home our 1 year old border collie mix, Nikki. She is a wonderful dog but we did not anticipate how active she would be for an older couple such as us. And now we have some medical issues and it is proving too much to have an active dog and deal with health needs.


Nikki is a very sweet girl, a typical  personality for this breed, she will play all day long. She gets along very well with other dogs but chases cats, squirrels, gophers and geese (we live on the river) which means she would likely also chase chickens. She will wade into the water to her belly and can swim but doesn’t really like to go out and swim. She loves people and happily greets the UPS and Fed Ex folks but is too rambunctious to be around very small children as she can knock them down. She would be a wonderful dog for an older child, say age 7 or 8 and older. She is smart and knows a lot of commands such as come, sit, lay down, go to bed, get the ball, drop and so on. I can send a little video of Nikki going through her commands. I think she would do well in agility training. She will play fetch all day but isn’t a pest about it. She is a submissive dog and will almost immediately roll on her back for a tummy rub when you go to pet her. She never growls or guards her food and is easily pushed away from her food bowl without a fuss.


She has all her shots including Lyme disease, she is spayed and microchipped. We live In south central Oregon just 5 miles north of the California border. We are willing to drive Nikki to a new home in the northern California area or meet a new owner halfway. Nikki rides in the car very well."  If you are interested in Nikki, please call Joyce at (775) 722-9877 .

Meet Nikki!

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