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If interested in Nox, please contact April at wolfskittin@gmail.com or call 530-690-2445
(please leave message with name and number if no answer as I'm out of the house a lot when the weather is nice!)

Nox is a young, pure male border collie (no papers). He's approx 75 lbs. He's a good sized boy. We've had Nox since he was 8 weeks old. He will be 2 years old in June so he's got lots of time to be trained in whatever you want! He is micro-chipped, current on all shots, rabies is up to date (for 3 years) and licensed. He is in excellent health and is very high energy! He is loyal and very protective of his people, especially women. He's a great house guarder! He however, is not good with other dogs. He needs to be in an only dog home. We bought him and his sister together at 8 weeks old, and she is very alpha female. Bossy. He does not like it at all and is now starting to push back at her. He gets very jealous and over competitive which leads to aggression between him and his sister. We love him and had to make the hard choice of which dog would be re-homed. His jealousy towards another dog means we have to find a new home for him. We plan on having more dogs eventually and it would just cause more issues and upset him further.

He would do best in a home with no small children. He likes kids, but he's very hyper and he WILL chase. He is crate trained, goes in easily. He likes car rides, it takes him a little bit to wind down though. However this dog LOVES chasing balls and frisbees! He's got some moves and would be an amazing fly ball dog. I'm pretty sure with someone who knows what they are doing they could teach him to compete. He's definitely willing! Without his sister around to compete with, he learns commands very quickly and is very obedient. I'm pretty sure once he's an only dog he will fetch the ball/toys but right now his sister nips him if he tries so he will just catch and drop the ball/toy. He walks on a longer leash, I've been working on recall training with him and once there isn't another dog around to compete with or distract him I think he will train up in it easily. He's very easy to please, treat and praise motivated and just loves his people. I have a teen boy and he adores him and his friends. He loves to lay at your feet (literally) and enjoys as many pets as you will give him and belly rubs. As for other animals? I honestly don't know. We don't have cats, and the local ferals tease the dogs so I'm not sure how much he will like cats. He does have a chase drive and will pace the squirrels up on the power lines and chases raccoons out of the yard. I have a parrot and funny enough he likes him though I do not let them loose together. He would do best with a home where he has room to run, and someone who is going to spend lots of time with him and play!

If you are interested in Nox, please contact April at wolfskittin@gmail.com or call 530-690-2445 (please leave message with name and number if no one answers  as I'm in and out of the house a lot when the weather is nice!)

Meet Nox!

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