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Patches • Male •  8 months


Meet PATCHES, an 8-month old perfect embodiment of the border collie! Beautiful, intense, fun, active, athletic, and smart as a whip! He has the most beautiful, silky-soft coat, inviting pets and cuddles from his foster family. He will lean in for love for as long as you'll give it. His bright blue eyes are absolutely captivating, he is truly stunning to see. PATCHES also has the cutest floppy ears, and is constantly making us laugh with his quizzical expressions!  

PATCHES is still very much a puppy. He still has some growing to do, but he is currently a lean 30 pounds. He is a typical high drive border collie pup- active and playful, and he will need a lot of fun playtime in the yard with his people, dog siblings, or some toys to keep him from finding mischief on his own.  He enjoys his chew toys very much, but has a tendency to remove the stuffing from his plush babies, so harder chew toys have been a better option for him. Also, PATCHES does better riding in a car if he is in a crate, as he gets a little too bored and curious on car rides and may try to find something to chew on to entertain himself. So, traveling with a crate and some fun toys is the best thing for him.  PATCHES has a human sibling in his foster home right now, an 11 year old boy, and they have such a great time playing together. As active as PATCHES is, we'd like to see him placed in a home with a big fenced yard, room to run and play, and someone that will be with him most of the day. 

PATCHES has already started some basic obedience training. He knows "COME", "SIT" and is learning "LAY DOWN", all with the use of treats and hand signals. Yep, that's right, PATCHES is completely deaf. This doesn't slow him down one bit though, and in fact it almost seems to increase the productivity of our little training sessions, because he's not distracted by any noises, and barely breaks eye contact when there's a treat involved! He is going to be so much fun to train!  It has been amazing to watch how quickly PATCHES picks up commands. He's working on his leash training, but it’s so difficult when he wants to see the world and foster mom is too slow to keep up! So, PATCHES would benefit from lots of walks with his new owner to learn more about leash manners. He loves to go wherever we go, and just truly loves to be with his people at all times. Since PATCHES is technically a special needs pup, we would like to see him placed with people experienced in training deaf dogs, or someone that will work with a trainer.

PATCHES has been a good boy in his foster home.  He is crate trained for sleeping at night, and once everyone has quieted down and there's no distractions, he settles right down for the night. If people are still up and playing where he can see though, PATCHES can be quite vocal about being left out! At bedtime, we crate him, turn the lights out and shut the bedroom door so he knows its bedtime. He usually sleeps the whole night, only whining and fidgeting when it’s time to go potty. Such a good boy to tell us when he has to go! 

PATCHES gets along well with his foster siblings, constantly engaging in play, even if the older dogs aren't interested, so he would probably enjoy having a playful canine buddy in his new home. That said, if his new family had someone that was home all the time and could take him for walks and play in the yard with him frequently throughout the day, he'd probably do well as an only dog too. PATCHES is pretty keen on the cats in his foster home, though he hasn't harmed them, he will certainly bark at them and may give chase given the opportunity. So, a home without cats or extremely dog savvy cats, like ours, would be best for PATCHES. 

NOTE:  When we took PATCHES into rescue, we knew he was deaf. What his active, playful nature didn’t reveal to us is dysplasia in both hips. Because his condition has been discovered while he is still a young dog, PATCHES will be a candidate for corrective surgery that will provide him an active life, prevent debilitating pain and arthritic changes that make hip dysplasia such a difficult diagnosis for dogs. To perform this surgery, PATCHES will need to wait until his growth plates are closed at around 12 months. Surgeries, one for each hip, are scheduled about 6-8 weeks apart. NCBCRA will make all necessary arrangements with UC Davis Small Animal Hospital Ortho department and pay for all associated medical costs. We will pay the hospital directly such that his owner will not bear any out of pocket expense.    

We hope to place PATCHES in his forever home before he undergoes his surgeries, so he can bond with his new family as a young pup. If you’re interested in PATCHES and can assist in giving this sweetheart a helping paw in the early goings of this beautiful life, please let us know. We’ll happily answer any questions about his condition, prognosis and expected recovery. We have taken a number of dogs through FHO (femoral head ostectomy) surgery and they have made excellent recoveries. We have similarly placed a number of deaf dogs that have melded beautifully into  loving homes.  

PATCHES is micro-chipped, neutered, heart worm negative and on preventative, and up to date on vaccinations. If you have an approved Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions Application and wish to enquire about PATCHES please email us at If you have an approved adoption application with Border Collie Rescue of Northern California let us know and we will request it be forwarded to us for consideration. PATCHES is being fostered north of Sacramento, California.