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If interested in Shiloh, Contact Scott at scott.alexander.jensen@gmail.com
or call / text 353-682-9679

Hi, Friends! 

Shiloh is a McNab; approximately 3-4 years old. He is a stray dog we took in about a year ago, and we are trying to find the perfect home for him. He is so sweet inside the house, but nervous and fearful outside.  At home, he is relaxed, completely house broken, and able to be either crated, or left alone in the house for many hours at a time.  He loves to snuggle up to people, and naps for most of the day. Shiloh also enjoys walks along the beach, or hiking. He may have been hit by a car before we took him in because he is fearful of cars, and has some scarring along his neck.  Sadly, we live on a busy road in Santa Cruz, and we do not have a yard, so every potty break for him is a walk near cars. He has become more and more fearful of new dogs as well. We have an alpha German Shepherd, and she has been aggressive towards him in our home. We have a six month old baby, so this sweet boy cannot stay in our home much longer. He gets along well with other dogs when properly introduced to them, and is a submissive dog.  He loves our neighbors’ dogs and has never shown aggression towards them. Additionally, Shiloh and our shepherd go on pack walks with a local dog walker, and they say that he is great with other dogs in the pack, and shows no aggression. He does have incidents of fear biting/nipping when walking with my husband along the road. The incidents have either been in response to seeing an unfamiliar dog while walking, or a skateboarder, and he turns his fear toward my husband and barks loudly and nips.  Shiloh has passed puppy training classes, beginner training classes, and intermediate training classes, and we have taken him to several months of behavior classes designed for fearful dogs. With having a baby at home, we are unable to get him to the behavior classes anymore. Shiloh is well trained, neutered, fully vaccinated, and up-to-date on flea and heartworm prevention. He has no health issues. I think his ideal home would be somewhere quiet with a yard. He could live well with other friendly and confident dogs, but he should not be in a home with children, due to the nipping/herding behavior. 

Meet Shiloh!

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