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Successful Adoption Story - Dirk

We’ve been wanting to run this item for a few months now and after the hubbub of the holiday season and New Year it’s nice to reflect back on some of 2014’s successful adoptions. One such Success Story is Dirk, who now spends his days at family run Pedroncelli Winery in Sonoma county. Dirk’s duties range from vineyard patrol to Goodwill Ambassador to CEO of relaxation - all jobs he takes to heart and at which he excels! See more of Dirk and learn about this jewel of a winery at the Pedroncelli Winery website and their Facebook page.


This is our favorite section . . . where we revel in the knowledge one of our charges has made their way from the plight of rescue, through the trials of fostering and adoption, and are now happily situated in their forever home. The joy is both for the dog and their new owners.  

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Dirk finds a home at Pedroncelli Winery in Geyserville!

Pedroncelli Winery’s
first Ambassador!

Chief Operating Officer
of Fun and Relaxation!

Dirk on
Vineyard Patrol

Successful Adoption Story - Paddington (formerly Cole)

As smart as they are, border collies are often said to ‘need a job.’ Former NCBCRA rescue dog Cole, now known as Paddington, was ‘hired’ on New Year’s Day to become not only a companion to new owner Kay, but to work as a service dog.  Together, they are both working with a trainer to become a team.  Kay reports that in less than two weeks, Paddington has already started to alert her to medical emergencies. On the non-working side of Kay’s and Paddington’s partnership, Kay reports to Cole’s foster parents . . .


“Just wanted to say thank you and let you know that Paddington is doing really well. He is full of energy and loving his walks and outings. He has been very curious of his new surrounding but has settled in well. He has been eating perfectly well since Day 1 and loves getting treats. We're meeting with the trainer next week, but Paddington already sits, stays, comes and walks well on his leash. He is a real cuddle bug, loves his bed and seems to always sleep tummy up and legs in the air :) He has learned how to play with the ball and will fetch it but I have to wrestle with him to get it back! So we'll work on that, but he's really cute. He is very gentle with everyone he meets human or animal. Loving his company he is a great companion, thanks so much for all the help.”

Paddington takes on role of service dog