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This is our favorite section . . . where we revel in the knowledge one of our charges has made their way from the plight of rescue, through the trials of fostering and adoption, and are now happily situated in their forever home. The joy is both for the dog and their new owners.  

Polly (known also as Pollyanna back in her rescue days) was a special girl for NCBCRA. She had been involved in a car accident which resulted in extensive damage to her right rear leg, necessitating its removal. You can read more about Polly and see additional photos & a video here. Polly was adopted by new owners Shelley and Tom in March of 2015. Shelley recently emailed Polly’s foster mom, Linda, with this update:

Polly has settled in like a champ. Tom and I are over the top in love with this girl! She seems as happy as we are. I take her for walks every day, sometimes twice. She knows the difference between my walking clothes and my work clothes. When I start to put on my work clothes, she goes into a bit of a funk; but when I get my walking clothes on, she jumps up and is chatty with excitement!

Her favorite pastime out at the farm is chasing rabbits. She hasn't caught one yet and I'm not sure what she'd do if she did catch one. But she yip, yip, yips after them at top speed. My walking partners and I are amazed how fast and agile she is! When I go to work, Tom comes and gets her and she spends the day with him, riding in the truck (in the cab, of course), checking fields, doing office work, etc.

Thank you for the great care and love you gave Polly during her foster time with you. She is the best dog we've ever had, and that's saying A LOT! We both decided we will never get a puppy again, only a rescue. As I write, she's stretched out on the couch across from me - that is, until daddy gets home, at which time she'll jump down before he gets in the house. Thank goodness for noisy garage doors! Thank you again, we are so grateful .

Successful Adoption Story - Pollyanna

Logan seems to relish his many sleeping options as we have found him asleep at night on the couch, on the huge dog bed in the living room and the other dog bed in the kitchen.

With the warmer weather of summer upon us, he now often opts for laying by the paned front door where he can keep watch over his yard in the forest and still remain cool; although, any time the BBQ grill is lit, he is just as content to lay on the back deck on his dog bed waiting to be recruited as a taste tester for quality control.

Saving the best for last, the happiest part of this success story is Kanji, our "canine" feline, who has become Logan's best buddy and greatest fan. So much so that they have actually taken to sleeping together on the dog bed in the kitchen where they also perform their nightly gig as sous chefs. They are rarely far from one another and Kanji is so smitten with "his" dog that he will literally plaintively mew at the door any time Logan goes outside until he returns or is within Kanji's eye sight from the window next to the door. The fact that they are bosom buddies means not only the world to us, but we know to Kanji as well. He was lost when our Aussie passed away. It seems almost as if Logan is channeling our departed Aussie.  Even our older Tuxedo cat is showing more interest and comfort with and around Logan.

All we know for sure is that Logan is right where he belongs...or at least we think so. Thanks again for all you do with rescue and making it so easy for us to find our loveable big lug.        

Best wishes from Randi & Judie and Logan & Kanji

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Earlier this year we lost our beloved 15-year old Australian Shepherd to cancer. While his presence was still felt, his absence was sorely missed. We knew it was time to again open our hearts and our home to a new companion. Thus, began our search. We knew three things. We wanted to adopt a rescue dog; we wanted another Australian Shepherd or a Border Collie, and mostly we needed a special canine that could bond with our one-year old kitten who had been extremely attached to our Aussie. We found all three in Logan (formerly Crieff).

Logan has settled into his forever home perfectly. It is hard to imagine that it has been just over a month or so since we made the 8 hour round trip to get him from his foster residence and return to his new home here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. He enjoys his daily strolls through the neighborhood and has many people "ooh" and "aah" over him calling him everything from sweet, gentle, handsome, striking and horse! He adores all the attention and is the perfect Border Collie ambassador. He walks well on a leash and rides beautifully in the car, but is also the perfect gentleman should the need arise and he needs to be home alone. He only alert barks when necessary and quiets as soon as you ask. He takes treats ever so gently and has the mellowest of temperaments. There isn't a mean bone in his body. He is the ultimate couch cuddle. All he wants to do is give and receive love - which by the way, he has one of the softest canine tongues we have ever been kissed by.

Another Success Story - Logan!