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Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the welfare of the border collie
Serving the greater Sacramento valley and Sierra Nevada foothills


NRed and white border collieorthern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions is always in need of foster homes for our border collies.  We routinely face the risk of a shelter dog being euthanized due to overcrowding at the shelter. All too often we have to turn to our tried and true fosters to take another dog into their homes and care.   Did you know YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A FOSTER ALL YEAR LONG - Be a foster once, twice, or three times a year, or whatever time allotment suits your schedule.  

A secure yard or kennel is required. Dogs must sleep in the house at night and we prefer they be trained to sleep in a crate. Ideally you should have time to socialize and exercise your foster dog. If you enjoy training, establishing a down (not hard for a border collie!) or a localized recall within the yard is a great way to show off your charge and have him or her adopted on the first look! Depending on the dog, he/she may need to be  house-trained and given some basic manners. Depending on your experience, we look to provide new fosters with more easily managed dogs for their initial efforts until they are more comfortable with fostering. Some people welcome a batch of puppies while others prefer a less encompassing foster experience.

Living with a border collie is special, though not always easy. In bringing any new dog into your home there is risk to items being damaged. Please note, Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions will not be financially responsible for your personal property damage caused by your foster dog. We do pay for feed and for veterinary care we have authorized. (Except for emergency care, please do not obtain non-authorized veterinary care). This is not a job for a first time pet owner. Experience with dogs in general, and border collies in particular, is needed. If you would like to participate, please fill out the Volunteer Contact Form and let us know your interests.  Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: All of us have fallen in love with our foster dogs and have wound up adopting some of them (well, quite a lot of them). This is expected and permissible. We do however have a policy of requiring new fosters to foster for six months before they can adopt one of their foster dogs. For people interested in adoption only, we have a two-week period where the adopted dog can be returned for any reason and the owner will receive full re-payment of the adoption fee. If adoption is what you are really interested in, please fill out an Adoption Application.

Black and white senior aged border collie Black and white puppy border collie

Foster Dog Annie relaxes on the chaise lounge

Foster Dog Jack meets Lucy Cat