Top of Page Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions

a volunteer organization dedicated to the welfare of the border collie serving the greater Sacramento valley and Sierra Nevada foothills

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2014 Adoptions:  March  &  April  •  21 Dogs  •  Rescue total: 21

Atom    Mar 2014

Jetta    Mar 2014

Kenzie   Mar 2014

Rocky   Mar 2014

Sheba   Mar 2014

Chip   Mar 2014

Lance   Mar 2014

Louie   Apr 2014

Rango   Apr 2014

Coal (CS Pup) Apr

Ash  (CS Pup) Apr

Pitch (CS Pup) Apr

Sweep  (CS Pup) Apr

Soot  (CS Pup) Apr

Buzz  (Bird Pup) Apr

Merlin (Bird Pup) Apr

Raven (Bird Pup) Apr

Woody (Bird Pup) Apr

Robin (Bird Pup) Apr

Pigeon (Bird Pup Mom)

Thirsk  Apr 2014